Based in Marietta, Georgia, CourtCamp offers skill-building in the context of the American legal system.  CourtCamp gives an outlet to teens who are interested in law, public policy, and leadership.

CourtCamp was founded by Noelle Lagueux-Alvarez, a lawyer mom.  Ms. Lagueux-Alvarez is an attorney with over fourteen years of professional legal experience.  After working in the private sector for six years, for such companies as Goldman Sachs and Swissair, Ms. Lagueux-Alvarez graduated magna cum laude from Albany Law School in 2005.  She started her legal career in the general litigation department of Paul Hastings, a large international law firm.  Thereafter, Ms. Lagueux-Alvarez was the Program Director and Staff Attorney for the Fulton County Business Court.  Before starting CourtCamp, Ms. Lagueux-Alvarez worked for the U.S. Department of Labor representing a sub-agency in litigation. 

Ms. Lagueux-Alvarez oversees every detail of CourtCamp and will provide instruction and lead activities daily when CourtCamp is in session.  She may be assisted by other legal professionals,  law students, or high school mock trial students.