CourtCamp believes that skills are learned and refined by actually doing them.  Soccer skills are learned by playing soccer, not by reading about soccer.  CourtCamp provides a relaxed yet challenging environment in which to develop real-life skills.

CourtCamp examines basic legal concepts, legal terminology, the American court system, and much more while focusing on a fictional case.  Using the facts of that fictional case, CourtCampers prepare for a mock trial to be held on the last day of CourtCamp.  While preparing opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations, and closings, CourtCampers are really honing their critical thinking, logical reasoning, public speaking, and professional polish.

Serving both middle-schoolers and high-schoolers, CourtCamp was developed with all skill levels in mind.  The program is structured, yet flexible enough to meet each CourtCamper at his or her own skill level.  CourtCamp is in session during school breaks and summer vacation. 

CourtCamp would be happy to work with scouting groups, schools, and other organizations to develop fun and interesting programs for both kids and adults.  Please contact us about such programs.

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